Inspiration of the Self-Reliance 30-Day Writing Challenge

To celebrate Ralph Waldo Emerson's 208th birthday (May 25th, 1803), Self-Reliance urges us to trust our intuition rather than conforming to the will of the majority.

Beginning on May 31st, 2011, The Ralph Waldo Emerson Self-Reliance website*** will post a daily prompt. This will continue for 30 days.

This is my unique creation of personal reflection and responses, based on those prompts.

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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Divine Idea

DAY 11 ~

‘Imitation is Suicide. Insist on yourself; never imitate.” – Ralph Waldo Emerson

Write down in which areas of your life you have to overcome these suicidal tendencies of imitation, and how you can transform them into a newborn you – one that doesn’t hide its uniqueness, but thrives on it.
There is a “divine idea which each of us represents” –
which is yours?


My “divine idea which I represent” ~ already exists within me.  I’ve already outgrown areas of my life, which may have been identified as “suicidal tendencies of imitation”.  It’s taken me much of my life to overcome this, but I have transformed them into a newborn me. 

I take pride in NOT hiding my uniqueness.  I am grateful to have learned to thrive in my individuality.  I have not always been this way though.

I remember as a child, my sister and I often played a “make-believe” game, where we pretended to be our friends.  Wow!  Talk about imitating.  We practiced quite diligently to hide beneath our interpretation of our friends.  And, we became rather proficient in altering our own personal distinctive character; walking, talking (even with an accent), etc – in an attempt to become our perception of them.

As a young adult, there were friends and acquaintances some of whom I admired (and, at times, envied), because my perception of their life appeared to be much better than mine.  Of course, I understand now, that was not the truth at all. 

And, even as a grown adult, I’ve had brief bouts of wishing I was someone else, or that I possessed what others had.

But, I’ve grown – grown into the real ME, and I like ME just the way I am.

I tend to be a natural goofball, savoring each moment of laughter.  One of my flaws is procrastination.  Yes, seriously, I do have faults.  Everyone has them, as no one is perfect.  I accept my blemishes completely.  They are all a part of the components that comprise ME.

My transformation began several years ago.  It’s been a slow process.  However, the alteration from my attempts to be like others, to discovering my own exclusive individuality, has been rewarding. 

After digging beyond the façade, into the depths of the genuine ME, I’ve discovered someone of whom I’ve become quite fond.

I’ve learned that there will always be those people, who may not like or accept you, simply just for YOU.  And, that’s perfectly okay.  I’ve learned that the entire world’s population is not going to like me.  Those, who do accept me and like me for the exact person I truly am, the ones around whom I can be honest and be ME, -- those are the ones who are worthy of my friendship and love.

My uniqueness may be rather odd or goofy to some, but my individuality is precisely what makes me exactly who I am.  What you see is what you get. 

I no longer have any desire to imitate anyone else.  I am content with the person I’ve become, and am very comfortable in my own skin.

With no apparent requirement to overcome “suicidal tendencies of imitation” (none that I’m aware of, anyway), my intention is to simply continue “to thrive on my own personal uniqueness”, and to be true to the genuine authentic ME.

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